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Metallic Resin Flooring 

Resin floors have surged in popularity in the past couple of decades among home and business owners alike as more people discover how truly amazing this flooring option really is.

One very attractive and extremely popular option is metallic flooring, and these are included in Epoxy Gang's professional flooring service.

If you're keen to find out more about metallic resin floors, here's what you need to know in order to see whether it's the right choice for you.

Metallic Resin Flooring

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What Is A Metallic Resin Floor?

Metallic epoxy resin flooring is made by mixing clear epoxy* resin, a hardening agent, and metallic pigments. Epoxy resin is a clear, liquid material that hardens to form a strong, durable coating. Colour is added to this to produce a range of exciting and beautiful finishes. The hardening agent is a chemical that reacts with the epoxy resin to speed up the curing process. The metallic pigments are small particles of metal that give the flooring its distinctive look.

*polyurethane resin can also be used, but epoxy resin is more popular

The process of making epoxy resin flooring is as follows:

  • The substrate (usually a concrete floor) is prepared by cleaning it and removing any loose or damaged material.
  • A primer is applied to the concrete floor to improve the adhesion of the epoxy resin.
  • The epoxy resin, hardening agent, and metallic pigments are mixed together in a bucket.
  • The mixture is poured onto the concrete floor and spread evenly with a short-pile roller or squeegee.
  • When dry, a high gloss finish is added (two coats are required in some cases).
  • The flooring is allowed to cure for 24-48 hours.

Once the flooring has cured, it is a hard, durable, and attractive surface that is resistant to scratches, stains, and chemicals. It is a popular choice for commercial and residential flooring applications.

While the process sounds simple, the truth is that laying resin floors of any type requires skill and precision - if you want perfect results. And laying metallic epoxy resin floors is no exception. In fact, it's even easier to mess up unless you have the right knowledge and experience.

The great news is that Epoxy Gang technicians are highly-skilled and are trained to install all varieties of resin flooring.

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What Is A Metallic Resin Floor

Here are some additional details about the different components of metallic epoxy resin flooring:

  • Epoxy resin: Epoxy resin is a clear, liquid material that is made from two components: a resin and a hardener. When these are mixed together, they react to form a hard, durable coating. Epoxy resin is typically used in flooring applications because it is resistant to chemicals, water, and abrasion.
  • Hardening agent: The hardening agent is a chemical that reacts with the epoxy resin to speed up the curing process. The curing process is the chemical reaction that causes the epoxy resin to harden. The hardening agent typically makes up about 10% of the total mixture.

Metallic pigments: Metallic pigments are small particles of metal that give the flooring its distinctive look. The most common metallic pigments used in epoxy resin flooring are aluminium flake, bronze flake, and copper flake. These pigments are available in a variety of colours, so you can create a custom look for your flooring.

What Are The Benefits-min

What Are The Benefits?

Adding the metallic pigments is for purely aesthetic appeal, and it looks absolutely stunning.

But what else do resin floors offer? The Epoxy Gang team is always willing to share their enthusiasm for this amazing product, so here are some of the many advantages:

Metallic Resin Flooring

The surface of the resin can withstand heavy weights and high levels of foot traffic without becoming scuffed and scratched. The raw materials and the special mix of ingredients make this a hardy product. While you might find reports suggesting otherwise, it depends on the quality of the materials and the standard of workmanship.

Although smooth, resin floors rarely present a slip hazard, and in fact, some will have increased traction in wet conditions. However, when they're set in areas like bathrooms, it's sensible to have an anti-slip coating applied.

Epoxy resin is unbelievably tough! It's often used in industrial and commercial projects to cover concrete that has been damaged, as it creates an incredibly hard shell that protects the substrate. Most epoxy resin floors are guaranteed for at least 10 years, although it's likely that they'll last for up to 50 years.

This allows you to design a floor coating with a truly unique appearance that suits your tastes and compliments your decor. You can have a floor that resembles the surface of the moon or a perfectly-smooth sheet of marble or natural stone.

While most customers request a high gloss finish, it's up to you! A glossy surface shows up the metallic inclusions well and adds to the luxurious appearance, but you can choose a satin or matte finish if you prefer. This is your project, so be creative.

The chemical composition of epoxy resin (and the mixture when the other ingredients are added, like the metallic pigment) makes it settle down into a perfectly smooth surface, unlike most other flooring materials that need a helping hand. This adds to the beautiful finished look.

This floor coating can handle all manner of substances without suffering any ill effects! An epoxy resin floor can cope with most spills, whether acid, alkali, fat, oil, or fuels of all kinds.

The seamless surfaces are so easy to keep clean! You only need to run a mop or damp cloth across the resin to get rid of dust and dirt, as it finds it difficult to stick to the material. Spills are easily mopped up, too, and there's zero chance of staining.

Carpets and rugs attract pet hair, dander and dust, all of which are a nightmare for allergy sufferers. These allergens have nowhere to hide on epoxy resin floors, and they can quickly be swept up and disposed of.

An epoxy resin floor is more sustainable than most other options and is regarded as an environmentally sustainable choice. The raw materials are almost entirely of natural origin, and they can also be recycled.

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Where's The Best Place For A Metallic Resin Floor?

This brilliant floor coating is ideal for hundreds of settings.

Here are some examples of where Epoxy Gang can fit a metallic epoxy floor:

  • Hotel lobbies
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Showrooms
  • Restaurants/cafes
  • Entertainment venues
  • Shops
  • Garage floor coatings
  • Youth/Community centres

Imagine a metallic epoxy floor coating in your space and see how amazing it looks: the atmosphere is immediately lifted to create a positive, vibrant, sophisticated room with a sense of fun and excitement.

This affects moods and attitudes, increasing cooperation, fostering better relationships and boosting morale. We know what you're thinking: can a resin floor really do all this? While it might seem far-fetched, it's not at all unreasonable. Psychological assessments and experiments support the fact that improving the decor instantly improves our mental state.

So, you don't just upgrade your premises, you also upgrade your life!

All you need to do is to choose the colour, texture and floor finish, and our top-class resin floor technicians will do the rest.

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Where's The Best Place For A Metallic Resin Floor

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Can Epoxy Flooring Be Laid On Tiles

Can Epoxy Flooring Be Laid On Tiles?

It's imperative that the substrate is sound and solid, or there's a risk of the resin floor failing.

Tiles can be used as a base, although they often have a glazed surface that must be sanded down first. Any dust has to be removed completely before the resin is poured. They must also be in very good condition.

Other suitable materials include ceramic, metal, glass and wood, but these have to be prepared and/or a stronger primer used to make them work.

Epoxy resin is extremely versatile and is used for all kinds of applications, including walls and worktops, as well as floors. However, it takes specialist knowledge to apply it successfully. This is where Epoxy Gang can help!

Metallic Resin Flooring

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Should I Use An Epoxy Resin Kit?

The choice of whether to purchase a DIY kit or to hire a professional resin flooring company is entirely yours, and thousands of people have used these kits successfully.

Nevertheless, we would urge you to approach this with caution: on average, they cost between £200 and £300 each, and if you don't get it right, you'll have wasted your money. And on top of this, you'll have the expense of getting the mess fixed.

These kits usually come with instructions, and they must be followed to the letter. If you get the mix wrong or allow the resin to be contaminated by water, condensation or moisture before it has set, it will be ruined.

The same applies to dust and dirt, and you must ensure that the substrate is prepared correctly. It needs to be clean and level, and suitable for the job (see above).

If you are in any doubt whatsoever, it's sensible to ask a professional - and that's what Epoxy Gang is here for.

Epoxy Gang
Should I Use An Epoxy Resin Kit

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Are Metallic Epoxy Resin Floors Expensive

Are Metallic Epoxy Resin Floors Expensive?

Like any other 'luxury' high-performance product, you pay for the quality of the ingredients as well as the skills of the technicians handling the installation. However, considering the finished result, it's a worthy investment if it's within your budget!

The final cost will depend on the exact specifications, such as your choice of colour and metallic pigment. Also, the size of the project will (of course) affect the cost, and we need to take into account the number of layers required to complete the job.

Finally, there may be other factors to consider, such as whether you order a UV-stable or high-build resin.

If you're curious about the cost, why not discuss your ideas with us? We'll calculate an accurate figure based on your individual preferences and requirements.

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Epoxy Gang Metallic Resin Floors

Wherever you want your metallic epoxy resin floor fitted, Epoxy Gang is equipped with the know-how and the skills to deliver perfect results.

From garages to nightclubs, luxury bathrooms to high-spec kitchens, our experienced team can install the floor to your specific requirements within a few days.

When you want something a little more special, take your property to the next level with a metallic epoxy floor from the Epoxy Gang team. It's not just a luxury item, it's an investment that will future-proof your building, making it a vibrant, contemporary space for everyone to enjoy.

However, you need a company you can trust to deliver the highest standard of work. And that's why you should get in touch with Epoxy Gang today - we'll exceed your expectations and guarantee that you'll be astonished by the results!

Epoxy Gang
Epoxy Gang Metallic Resin Floors

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Frequently asked questions

Metallic resin flooring is highly durable and, with proper maintenance, can last for several decades. The lifespan often exceeds 20-30 years, depending on traffic and care.

Metallic epoxy flooring is renowned for its resistance to scratches, spills, and stains due to its seamless and non-porous nature. Routine cleaning easily handles most spills, and the floor remains unblemished by common household or commercial accidents.

Yes, metallic resin floors can be applied over many existing floor types, including concrete and tiles. However, the underlying floor needs to be well-prepared, cleaned, and possibly primed to ensure proper adhesion and longevity.

Absolutely, metallic resin flooring is compatible with underfloor heating systems. The flooring efficiently conducts heat, ensuring a warm surface, making it a popular choice for those incorporating modern heating solutions.

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