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3D Resin Flooring 

What do you know about resin flooring? You might know about their durability and how stunning they look when laid by professionals like Epoxy Gang. You might also be aware that they are perfect for the home, as well as commercial spaces and industrial buildings.

You've probably heard about the wide range of colours and finishes available and the fact that they can last for between 20 and 50 years. And if you didn't already know any of this, you now know a little more about the subject!

But what about 3D resin flooring? This product takes resin flooring to a whole new level and has to be seen to be believed. There are so many wonderful scenes and designs you could create, bringing a touch of magic and fantasy to your property.

If this has piqued your curiosity and you want to learn more, Epoxy Gang has everything you need to know.

Resin Flooring

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How Do You Make A 3D Resin Floor?

Although there are several different types of resin, epoxy resin is the most widely used for 3D floors currently, so we'll focus on this method (although polyurethane resin flooring lends itself just as well to the task).

There are three main methods of creating a 3D floor using epoxy resin:

3D Resin Flooring
How Do You Make A 3D Resin Floor

With this method, the resin is applied in layers to create a 3D effect with the desired theme incorporated into the matrix.

Of the three methods, this is more time-consuming, and it takes a high degree of skill to accomplish.

It's sometimes possible to pour the resin over the top of actual objects, which seals them into the surface and forms a protective shell. This is usually how penny floors are laid, where thousands of coins are placed side by side and covered with clear resin.

These are great fun and make an excellent conversation piece, although there are limits as to the size of the 'inclusions' you want to add - very large objects will need extra resin to cover them, and your floor level will have to be adjusted, which is not practical.

However, flatter items are ideal, such as keys, coins, paper (pages from books, newspaper cuttings), leaves, small gemstones, petals, flowers, etc.

In theory, it's the easiest and quickest of the three methods here, but it still takes precision and expertise to get it right.

Modern printing methods make it much simpler to produce high-quality, large-scale images without losing resolution. This means that you can take almost any image you wish and put it beneath clear epoxy resin flooring to create a stunningly realistic effect.

The advantages of applying epoxy resin over the image are obvious: the durable resin layer protects the image and preserves its beauty for many years. Adhesive or painted vinyl, on the other hand, soon becomes scuffed and worn, ruining the effect.

Also, the resin adds an illusion of depth, enhancing the 3D effect tremendously.

This is probably the most popular method of 3D resin flooring and the second quickest after the 'solid object' option.

Although the specific steps vary according to the chosen method, each one basically follows the same procedure:

Preparing The Substrate

The epoxy coating must be laid on a sound, clean and level surface, free from dirt, dust and moisture. Preparing the substrate is an essential part of the success of the project.

Concrete is typically the best choice, although we can lay resin floors on most hard surfaces if they have been prepared properly.


A self-levelling epoxy primer is applied to the base layer for better adhesion between the resin and substrate.

Image (or solid items)

The vinyl image or solid objects are placed on the primer when it has dried.

Epoxy Resin Layer

A transparent two-component resin layer is applied, followed by a surface finish (usually a tough, clear varnish to add a high-gloss finish).

Are you considering the possibility of a 3D floor, but you're stuck for ideas? If you need some inspiration, here are some examples of previous projects:

  • Autumn leaves on pebbles
  • Underfloor aquarium
  • Floral garden
  • Pebble beach
  • Coral reef
  • Log slice floor
  • Rocky road
  • Pebble brook through a forest glade
  • Cosmic fantasy scene
  • Incoming tide
  • Boardwalk through the woods
  • Stepping stones through a Japanese garden
  • Lava floor!
  • Open seas
  • Dolphin Playground
  • Ancient ruins

This is only a sample of what's possible, and you can have a variation on any of these ideas!

The only limit, as they say, is your imagination.

Why Have 3D Resin flooring

Why Have 3D Resin flooring?

To begin with, they look absolutely amazing! You might get an idea from pictures online, but you only get the full effect when you see them in real life.

In addition, they are durable, can take heavy loads, require no maintenance to speak of, and have pretty good scratch resistance. Cleaning your resin floor couldn't be easier: just wipe it down with a damp cloth or mop. The surface is water and chemical resistant, and will cope with most substances without sustaining damage.

It has to be said that resin floors have an awful lot going for them and they make a fantastic addition to most properties.

3D Resin Flooring

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Where Can You Install 3D Resin Flooring?

While there are certain venues that lend themselves to such an eye-catching feature, there are really no limits when it comes to places where 3D epoxy resin floors can be installed.

Again, if your need a helping hand in this area, here are a few pointers as to where 3D resin flooring works exceptionally well:

3D Resin Flooring
Where Can You Install 3D Resin Flooring

Essentially, any room in your house will look fantastic. Resin floors can also be used to tie rooms together with hallways to increase the flow through the property. While they look amazing in the dining room and living room, many clients choose the bathroom or kitchen for their 3D epoxy flooring installation. Alternatively, you could give a kid's bedroom a makeover, turning it into a magical space that inspires pleasant dreams and which sparks young imaginations.

As a final thought, these floors look particularly great in walk-in showers and wet rooms, especially if you choose a beach or coral reef theme!

This includes nurseries, creches and any place where children are present for long periods of time. They are especially beneficial for children with special needs, as they promote stimulation and interest. You can create a modern, fun-filled space that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Imagine the impact on customers as they enter your showroom to be met by the wonderful sight of your 3D flooring! You can get off to a brilliant start by adding a definite wow factor to your premises that enhances your product and creates a positive brand image.

Hotel receptions can often be dull and uninspiring places, regardless of how well-kept they are. A 3D floor would transform the space into a welcoming and sophisticated venue that customers will love. Why not use a calming forest or beach scene, depending on your location?

Maybe covering the whole interior floor space is stretching things a little (unless your budget allows it!), but even a modest section of 3D epoxy resin flooring will produce dramatic and attractive results. In the world of retail shopping, half of the battle is getting customers in the door and engaging their interest.

With a unique and fascinating feature like 3D resin flooring, you're sure to make an impression! It's certainly an improvement on solid concrete or plain tiles.

This gives you an insight into the types of venues where 3D resin flooring shines, but the list is almost endless. If you have an idea in mind but you need advice or direction, feel free to run your thoughts by us, and we'll guide you down the best route to bring your ideas to life.

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Are 3D Epoxy Floors Expensive

Are 3D Epoxy Floors Expensive?

This is a premium, high-performance product installed by professional resin flooring technicians, which is reflected in the price.

Even so, it's fair to say that although they entail a higher investment than some other types of flooring options, they compare favourably with the prices for polished concrete, natural marble or a microcement floor (a seamless cement topping designed to imitate polished concrete, but can be installed in record time!).

Resin Flooring

One of the major factors in any project of this kind, the total cost will be affected by the size of the area to be covered. You can keep costs down by selecting a specific area within a room or by setting a boundary (the resin coating covers the entire room, but the 3D image is set within a smaller section).

The substrate condition also has to be taken into account when calculating your epoxy flooring installation cost. If repairs or extensive preparation are required, this will add to the final flooring price.

It's no easy task to grab a figure out of the air, and this isn't helpful. However, you should expect to set aside around £120 to £200 per square metre (some companies use square feet, so make sure you double-check this!)

We can only provide a fully costed quote once we have all of your specifications, including the colours, dimensions, design and textures you want. We offer a free consultation service that will explain everything in detail so you can be confident in your decision.

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Epoxy Gang 3D Resin Floors

3D resin flooring might be the perfect solution if you're looking for a spectacular and unique feature to enhance your property, and this works in both residential and commercial areas.

The key to making this work is to use a professional epoxy resin flooring specialist - this isn't a project that you can leave to amateurs or inexperienced fitters. If you're feeling brave, you can have a go yourself, although you'd be wise to have a practice run by using epoxy resin to cover a table or coasters (it's not always the easiest material to work with).

For the very best results, however, you need a professional team. You need expert technicians like those at Epoxy Gang.

You've got the idea, and we've got the skills. This is a special project that will transform the space dramatically, and it has to be done right.

So, when you're ready to go ahead, call Epoxy Gang, and we'll talk about your ideas and give you a quote. And once the details are sorted out, we'll create the stunning 3D epoxy resin floor of your dreams.

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Epoxy Gang 3D Resin Floors

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Frequently asked questions

3D Resin Flooring is incredibly durable and, with proper maintenance, can last for up to 15 to 20 years. Its lifespan often depends on factors such as foot traffic and environmental conditions.

Yes, 3D Resin Flooring is safe for homes with children and pets. It's a seamless surface, meaning there are no gaps for bacteria to grow, and its finish can be tailored to be slip-resistant, ensuring safety for all members of the household.

Absolutely, 3D Resin Flooring can often be applied over existing floors, including tiles, wood, or concrete. However, the underlying floor must be properly prepared and free from moisture or contaminants to ensure a strong bond.

Yes, 3D Resin Flooring is compatible with underfloor heating systems. In fact, the resin conducts the heat efficiently, providing a warm and comfortable surface underfoot.

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