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Resin Flooring For Homes 

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the flooring you want in your home. Whether it's a new build, a renovation project, or you are upgrading your home, you can choose from laminate flooring, vinyl, bare floorboards, wall-to-wall carpet, or polished concrete, all of which are fine.

But more and more homeowners are opting to have a poured resin floor installation. Maybe you've come across this, and you want to know more. Perhaps you're considering the possibility of a resin floor for your home, but you need convincing that it's the right decision.

If so, then Epoxy Gang can provide all of the facts to help you to decide! Our extensive knowledge and wealth of experience in all aspects of poured resin flooring puts us top of the list for advice and information.

Resin Flooring

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What Is A Resin Floor?

To keep things simple, it's a special mix of resin (usually polyurethane resin or epoxy resin), pigment and hardening agents that is poured over a hard surface, typically concrete.

This sets into a solid, incredibly durable shell that looks absolutely stunning.

While it's perfect for contemporary homes, it can be adapted to older properties as well.

Polyurethane Resin Flooring
What Is A Resin Floor
Are Resin Floors Any Good

Are Resin Floors Any Good?

At Epoxy Gang, we believe that poured resin floors are not just good - they are the perfect flooring solution!

Still need convincing? That's fine, as it's always sensible to research any product or service thoroughly before you commit to investing your cash.

How about a list of positive points to illustrate the point that resin flooring for homes is an excellent idea?

Resin Flooring For Homes

This quality makes them great for kitchens and bathrooms, and they can even be made completely waterproof, if necessary, for extra protection for the home.

Poured resin flooring is suitable for most modern underfloor heating systems, making it an excellent option for anyone modernising their home and trying to live a more sustainable life with lower energy bills.

Resin flooring provides a continuous, unbroken surface that looks simply stunning. Also, the lack of cracks and joins means that dirt and bacteria have nowhere to hide!

There are so many colour options to choose from! You can browse our catalogue of colours or check out examples of our previous work to see which design takes your fancy. You can also discuss a colour scheme with us, and we'd be honoured to help you to create a stylish theme that you'll adore.

Many of our clients opt for the sophisticated contemporary appearance you can achieve with different shades of grey, but you can go for something as bold and vibrant as you want!

Most responsible and reputable resin floor companies (like Epoxy Gang) offer solvent-free options for those who are concerned about their environmental impact. And many of the components are of natural origin, including the pigments, many of which are plant-based.

Domestic resin floors don't need much looking after, unlike polished concrete, which gets dusty and grimy very easily. All you need to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth to get rid of dust and dirt. You can apply a little soap or floor cleaner if it's needed.

They will keep their vibrant colour for years without fading (especially if you use UV-resistant aliphatic resin). We can also arrange a maintenance schedule with you where we sand down the surface and apply a fresh coating over the top to keep it looking fantastic for even longer.

Resin floors are resistant to all manner of powerful chemicals. While this is handy for industrial and commercial projects, it's also relevant to domestic settings as we spill all kinds of substances on our floors!

Most flooring can't cope with this, but for domestic resin flooring, it's no problem.

Did you know that a poured resin floor can help with your energy bills? They adapt to the ambient temperature of the building, meaning that they are cool in summer and warm in winter.

Resin floors are astonishingly tough, but it doesn't have the same sensation as walking on concrete. In fact, most of our customers are surprised by how comfortable it is to walk on.

When you ask Epoxy Gang to install your polyurethane or epoxy resin floor, you can rest assured that it will look absolutely perfect. There's not much more we can say about this except that if you want to see for yourself, ask us for some examples of previous jobs, particularly those in residential settings, so you can see how yours will look when our expert resin flooring technicians have finished!

Seamless resin floors are incredibly smooth and can have a high gloss finish, and epoxy resin flooring can present a slip hazard when it is wet. It's not the resin itself, as this is naturally non-slip, but spills of oil and water can be a problem. To counter this, all good domestic resin flooring companies offer to add a non-slip coating to the surface or include abrasive compounds to the mixture that will prevent slips.

Why the quote marks? Because although it's relatively straightforward to install a resin system, it takes knowledge and skill to mix and pour correctly and achieve the highest quality. That's why it's important to get a professional resin flooring company like Epoxy Gang to do the job!

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How Long Does It Take To Install?

On average, the whole process takes between one and two days. A lot depends on how much preparation is required as the resin has to be poured onto a sound base. If this is damaged or not, we'll have to resolve this before installation. The actual pouring process usually takes between 5 and 10 hours, but we need to allow for curing time.

Large rooms and industrial or commercial projects will take longer, between two days and a week, on average.

Resin Flooring For Homes
How Long Does It Take To Install

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How Long Does Resin Take To Dry

How Long Does Resin Take To Dry?

As a rule, it takes seven full days to cure completely, although it's usually safe for light use within 24 hours. You should be able to walk on the surface after 12 hours, but we will advise the customer in each case as the timings may be affected by atmospheric conditions.

Resin Flooring For Homes

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How Much Does Resin Flooring For Homes Cost?

Due to the wide range of options available, as well as the possible need for extra preparation work, the price for your resin floor might vary widely. Most online sites suggest that the average resin flooring company charges about £85 per square metre. While this is a fair figure, it doesn't cover all of the possibilities as we don't know your specific requirements and circumstances.

Resin Flooring
How Much Does Resin Flooring For Homes Cost

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Transform Your Home With Epoxy Gang

Transform Your Home With Epoxy Gang

Now you can see exactly why we firmly believe that resin flooring for homes is the way to go. With such amazing qualities, you can see why it's becoming more popular by the day!

When you want to upgrade your interior with a resin floor, call Epoxy Gang for a free quote, and we'll help you to get the home of your dreams!

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Frequently asked questions

In the UK, with proper care and maintenance, resin flooring in a residential setting can last upwards of 20-30 years. Its durability and resistance to wear and tear make it a long-lasting choice for homeowners seeking a sustainable flooring solution.

Absolutely, resin flooring is an excellent choice for UK kitchens and bathrooms due to its water-resistant and non-slip properties. It's hygienic, easy to clean, and can withstand the typical moisture and humidity found in these rooms.

In many cases within the UK, resin flooring can be applied directly over existing substrates, including tiles, concrete, and wood. However, the existing floor must be well-prepared, clean, and free of any contaminants or loose materials to ensure a strong bond.

Resin flooring, as used in the UK, is known for its robust resistance to scratches, dents, and stains. Its seamless and impervious surface makes it resilient against everyday wear and tear, and it's especially popular in homes due to its ability to repel most household stains.


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