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About us - Epoxy Gang

At Epoxy Gang, we get that every place has its own vibe and story, and that's why we're all about offering a whole bunch of services to match your style. Whether you're jazzing up your cozy home, setting up shop in a cool commercial space, or need some heavy-duty goodness for an industrial setup, we've got the skills to make your floors shine.

So, if you're all about turning your home sweet home into a place that's both elegant and built to last, our Resin Flooring for Homes service is just the thing for you. If you're a business owner looking to make a big impression on your customers, our Commercial Resin Flooring is designed to not only look snazzy but also stand up to the hustle and bustle.

Speaking of hustle and bustle, we've got your back on the industrial front too. Our Industrial Resin Flooring is like the superhero of floors, tackling the toughest challenges like a champ and creating a safe space for you to get things done.

If you're all about adding a splash of personality to your floors, our Colours & Styles service is here to make your space uniquely yours. If you're after a jaw-dropping effect, our 3D Resin Flooring is where it's at – seriously, this stuff adds a whole new dimension to your space. And for those who want a touch of class, our Metallic Resin Flooring is like adding a touch of luxury that catches the eye and starts conversations.

We're not just some flooring company – we're a team of dedicated pros who take pride in turning your flooring dreams into reality.

We're all about mixing innovation, beauty, and strength to make your space truly remarkable.

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